My art isn't any fancy product. It represents non-ordinary realities, inner worlds, full of symbols and keys, able to open different doors, depending on the beholder.

Art is not an end in itself, but always a means to an end. A means to travel into inner and other worlds. What the drum for the shaman is art for me, whereas this travel is no escape from "reality", but a travel towards this world's very source, to it's roots. This travel leads the traveller to realize how thin the world is he conceives as "reality" in everyday life, and that this is nothing but a filigree skin on the all pervading existence, on the all-that-is. My art uses elements of those travels and transforms them visually.

The beholder of my art will notice that a certain being is connected with these travels and appears on most of my paintings. He is my guide, my teacher and opposite, my self, my destination and my origin, because on his level the circle closes and opposites end.

May your visit of this website give you joy and inspiration!

This way, please - welcome!